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How I Make a Family Film | Capturing Family Memories for You

I bet, a lot of the hesitation you have about having a photographer or videographer come into your house to take photos and create a family video is how much work you think it will be. You think you have to make sure the house is spotless. You think the kids have to be on their best behavior for THREE WHOLE HOURS?!?!? And what will you do for three hours anyways? And how in the world will any of this make a good family film?

So let’s clear this up a bit. I honestly think an in-home session is easier than a studio or on location session. No rushing to be on time. No worrying about the weather. No sweating your rear off outside in the Houston humidity. No making the kids stand still and fake smile for 30 minutes.

I come to you. I wait for your kids to warm up. I let them take photos so they know what I’m doing and don’t get shy. I let them jump on the bed and tell them not to tell you. I have enough time to make them my friends and get them comfortable that they let their little personalities shine. And when the kids are comfortable, the parents are comfortable.

Before the session, I have a questionnaire for you that will give me an idea of what activities you may want to do during your time. Play games, bake cookies, go fishing, read books, snuggle up to watch a movie. What does your family love to do? Yes, it means you may need to get the Chutes and Ladders game set up before I get there, or that you should make your batch of cookies the day before so I can film your littles decorating them.

The questionnaire also gives me insight as to what little quirks or fun phases your kids are in at the moment and that you want captured in your family film. So many little things about kids that we forget before we realize it. These are the things I want to capture for your family.

Three hours of me will fly by. I promise. I’ll be with the kids together and then individually. I’ll be with the whole family together. You do what you would normally do and I sneak around capturing you in action.

This is one of the first family videos I created. I had them answer the questionnaire and then gave them a very rough schedule of what they would do while I was there. She had the baking supplies ready to go and the Candy Land game set up on the table. The rest was free time where I played with the girls and filmed them together. Mom took a chance on letting me come in and film her family and now they have a video showing them who they were as a family at that very moment, in a home that they just sold. Nothing will ever be the same as it was during that time, and now they have a way to preserve those memories.



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