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Letter to my Kids | April

Dear A and B,

¬†Well, it has certainly been a busy month. I keep trying to write out what all has happened, but I get to the end and think of what I’ve forgotten. There’s been a museum field trip, a broken water line, flowers planted, Easter eggs hunted, park days, a new Girl Scout Troop, a Peppa Pig found, a new church class started, a few melt downs, and some really great fun.

My favorite for you, B, was Easter. We went to church with Nonna like we always do. But something came over you while we were waiting for church to start after the egg hunt. You decided you needed to sing. And you wanted to sing in front of the whole church. I don’t know why – you don’t even sing at our church in the programs you practice for. Maybe you’ve just been waiting for your solo this whole time. But you sang. You sang Jesus Loves Me, with all your wrong words and cuteness. Take a little listen and ignore my filming skills. :)


A, for you, I think I loved watching you at your new school tour the most. Next year, as a stepping stone to a full time school, you and B will add a 1 day a week enrichment program to your schedules. Every Tuesday, you’ll take Creative Writing, Spanish, Science, Art, and P.E. with 16 other second graders. B is excited. But you…. you are scared. New things scare you and excite you all at the same time. You get overwhelmed and start thinking about everything that could go wrong. You’ve already decided that you’ll never ever remember how to get to all your classes. You’re worried about the uniform looking dumb on you. You’re worried about what you’ll take for lunches. You’re worried about having to run around the track in P.E. You’re so scared but there’s no way you’ll ever admit it straight out. So from now until September, I’m going to listen to you go through every horrible scenario that could possibly happen. And for every scenario I’m going to give you the solution. You will find your classes because your group will go together – just follow them. You’ll look fine in your uniform because it’s just jeans and a t-shirt and that’s what you always wear. You’ll take sandwiches or cheese and pretzels or whatever else you feel like taking for lunch. I promise you won’t starve even if you miss lunch once a week. On the first day of school I’ll squeeze your hand a little bit tighter and I’ll walk you to the door and force you to go the rest of the way by yourself. Because you can. And because you want to more than anything. It’s my job to push you and make you a little uncomfortable to show you what you are capable of. And I’ll pick you up that afternoon and listen to you tell me how great your day was.

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I love you both.


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