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Letters to my Kids | August

Each month(ish) I join a group of ladies to write letters to our children. It’s our way of saving memories, documenting all the little things that make our kids who they are. After you read my letter, be sure to hop over to Holli’s blog and read hers!

Dear A,

You have amazed me this summer. From going to your first sleep-away camp to giving a solo ukulele performance. You’ve pushed yourself past your comfort zone. You’ve proven how amazingly strong you can be when you set your mind to something. I’m going to remind you of all of these things when school starts in a few weeks. You’ve already started counting down the days and depending on the moment are either super excited or deathly afraid.
Things are changing around here – you and B going to school, me teaching part time and still trying to grow a business. And I know you like order and structure. Like me, you’re ok with change as long as it comes with a detailed plan and schedule. I promise to try to keep things as seamless as possible, but I know there will be times when we are all running like crazy just to make it through the day. I’ll forget to pack lunches, you’ll forget to do homework. It will happen.
But I hope we both remember the advice I give you while you practice your ukulele…. Ninety-nine percent of the time no one notices your mistake other than you. No one picks you apart like you do. So when you screw up, because you will, just keep going. Don’t stop, don’t let it drag you backwards, just keep going and no one will even notice. Acknowledge it, learn from it, but just keep going.
You made the bold move to dye your hair turquoise this summer. It should have faded completely out by now, buuuut, you hair is the color of seaweed. Not sure what we will do about that in a few weeks, but I am proud of you for making a choice that isn’t mainstream and being proud of it. It took guts.
You are smart and clever, determined and detailed. You are sensitive and thoughtful and are growing into a beautiful person, inside and out.

girl wearing skydiving goggles

Love you,

Dear B,

Well, you just turned 5. You got up and asked how much taller you had grown. You chose to go indoor skydiving instead of having a party. You did, however make sure everyone knew that just because there wasn’t a party, that didn’t mean you didn’t expect presents. You get funnier by the minute, with your immediate come-backs to hilarious takes on things. You are full of random questions about zombie polar bears and killer alligators. You drink white milk – not chocolate, refuse to eat icing, but still want the cupcakes, and have put the finishing touches on your very own accent. It’s a mix between British and redneck and it fits you surprisingly well.
You have become fearless with physical things like indoor skydiving and huge water slides, but the thought of school still makes you want to cry.
You refuse to say that anything is fun, instead pretending to be too cool for everyone around you. Yesterday I listened to a story about the “most hugest and scariest” slide that you had gone down. You were full of excitement and smiling and using hand gestures all over the place. When I said, “man it sounds like you had so much fun,” you replied “Yes, It was so much fun! Wait, I mean no. No it wasn’t. Just nevermind.” I laughed and you left the room with your arms crossed. Poor kid. You just want to be miserable and take everyone there with you. We just keep ruining it by taking you fun places.
You are inquisitive and imaginative. You don’t give up until you have a satisfactory answer and that answer usually needs to match what you’ve already come up with in your head. You are strong willed, but still a mama’s boy. You are the manliest kid I know, but you can’t help but be mesmerized by cute little animals.


blond boy getting ready to go indoor skydiving

Love you,




kids skydiving indoors


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