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Letter to My Kids | March

*Each month I join an amazing group of ladies who write letters to our children. After you read my letter, be sure to hop over to Holli’s to read her letter. Keep hopping to make your way back to me.

letter to my kids

Dear A,

We had an issue last week. You asserted your independence. I said I didn’t care. And then we stared each other down for over an hour. I did do my nails in the middle of all that, though. So there’s the silver lining, for me at least. Eventually you gave in and did what I told you to do.

Now, I’ve always tried to teach you guys that yes, you sometimes just have to do what you are told to do. But at the same time, if you can explain to me why you disagree, if you can give me a valid reason for why you don’t want to do something, then ok. We can talk about it. I’m not saying I’ll let you have your way, but maybe. But if your reason is that you just don’t want to? Nope. That’s not cutting it. And that was your reasoning last week.

I don’t ever want you to be a follower. I want you to think and question and make a decision that is yours alone.  If you make mistakes I want them to be yours. Own them. Own your life. See a theme here in your letters as of late?

You are doing awesome in school – both homeschool and enrichment school. And even in my class in co-op. I think you thought it would be cool to be the teacher’s pet in my class until the first week in, when you realized I have no pets and my classes are hard. You should’ve listened when I said you wouldn’t want to be in my class. :)

Love you kid,


letter to my kids on bikes

Dear B,

Well, you are officially thinking about changing your name again. The front runner is Lightening Thunder. But I don’t think you’re giving up Camouflaged any time soon.

Yesterday you told your dad that you wished the two of you could live in an octopus garden so y’all could do whatever you want.

Last week you made yourself a sandwich and ate even the crust, because according to you, your sandwich crust is better than my sandwich crust. Well, the joke’s on you, my friend, because you will now be making your own sandwiches for the rest of your life.

You like to go to cat school with the neighbor friend. She is the trainer. You are the cat. Problem is that either me or the friend’s dad have to play fireman to get you out of the tree that you get stuck in every time. Cat school should include a lesson on getting out of trees.

You have become the most cantankerous 90 year old man I’ve ever met. You get angry at the drop of a hat and let everyone know how absolutely boring your life is. You get out of your mood relatively quick, but then get back into it even quicker. Much more of this and I will be hunting down a nice little nursing home to ship you off to.

Love you (even though you think I’m boring and make bad sandwiches),





  1. Jackie Kelley
    March 3, 2016

    I love how you tell the stories of your kids and your family each month. I truly enjoy your blog and your pictures :-)

  2. Holli
    March 3, 2016

    An octopus garden! Now THAT sounds fun. ;)


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