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Filming your kids | An everyday approach to videoing kids

Sometimes I want to film my kids just for fun. No agenda, no special occasion. So a few days ago I told them to sit on my bed and let me film them. B’s birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to capture him just as he is right now. I didn’t want scripted questions, I didn’t want to talk about his favorite things. I just wanted him to get comfortable being filmed and for him to just start talking about whatever he wanted to. I knew anything might come out of his mouth! I didn’t set up any fancy equipment. Just the me and the camera. It took him a bit to warm up and he wasn’t in his most talkative mood, but I love the outcome. It’s him. It’s his sister getting bored with his story in the background. It’s him trying to tell a joke and knowing it was terrible the moment he finished it. It’s him.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to film your family. Every day is a moment you don’t want to forget. Call me and let’s talk about creating a film for your family to cherish.

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