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What you see is what you get | Houston Senior Photographer

I got to deliver these bad boys to my latest senior this week. With my senior photo sessions, each senior gets an album with their choice of photos and a USB of all of the edited photos from the session.Oh yeah, and that super cool handmade wooden keepsake box you see right there. (I may or may not have threatened, bribed, batted my eye lashes at my husband to make them for me.)

As a Houston senior photographer, I get to meet with the coolest kids. I taught high school in my previous life and miss those guys sometimes. The different personalities, the excitement about their future, and the natural beauty that emanates from them when they get to talk about their passions, is something that I love to see. I love being able to capture a little of that in photographs that their families will have for a lifetime.

houston-senior-photography-album Houston-senior-album-usb houston-senior-photographer-wooden-box-and-album

Do you have a Houston area senior who is looking forĀ  a photographer? I take a limited amount of seniors each year and would love to meet with you and your senior to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Call or email me today at Michelle@ThisMomentPhoto.com or 832-593-4411.

In honor of Senior Photo Season…

In honor of the senior photography season that’s in full swing now, I thought I’d do a little throwback Thursday with a photo of my first ever senior photo session. And while I’m at it, I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in as well.

Houston Senior Photography

The latest trend for senior photo sessions has been towards the full service sessions with full hair, makeup, and wardrobe provided for the girls. While I totally understand the draw of having a glamourousĀ  photo session, (because who doesn’t want to feel like a model for a day), I caution the girls and families I talk to to think ahead 20 years.

Girls – When you show your senior photos to your kids, do you want them to see what you dressed up to be, or who you were? Do you want to laugh and cringe with them while they make fun of your hairstyle and clothes or just glance through, not producing any real memories? Do you want to start a conversation about how you saved up for that skirt because your mom refused to pay for it or tell them that the stylist picked that shirt because she thought it would look good on you? What about the glasses you wear every day, but took off because the photographer wants to show off your eye makeup? What are you showing your kids? WHO are you showing to your kids?

You want your photos to be of YOU. Not who you think you should be or who a photographer tells you you should be. Get your favorite outfit, spend a little extra time on your hair, and take the time to do your makeup just a little better than you do on a normal day, sure. But don’t let someone make you into something you aren’t. Be your beautiful self in a well composed, beautifully lit photo that you will cherish forever, because it is a beautiful photo of you.