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Birthday Party Videography | Houston


birthday video

I love parties. Maybe a little too much. And that’s why I love when someone calls about a Birthday Party Videography package. I get to watch all the fun and action and don’t have to do all the work! I just run around with a camera. :)

I had so much fun with these two boys. Their mom Brittney is a Houston Mom’s Blog contributor and we were introduced through the How We Celebrate series I am participating in. The boys’ birthdays are two years and one day apart, so they celebrate together. I love that it’s a joint thing, but that there are two cakes and two songs. It keeps it special for each kiddo.

My two kids are so far apart in birthday months that I’ll never have to wonder about giving them a joint party. I’ve often wondered how hard it is to have to combine two kids’ interests and wants for one single party. I think Brittney did a wonderful job!

You can read Brittney’s post about the party on Houston Mom’s Blog here. She has some wonderful words about capturing the little details through photos and video.

But the best words of all came in an email she sent to me right after she watched the video,

“I am OBSESSED! And I ugly cried. Thank you 1,000 times over!!!”


Here is a look at their video of the day.

How We Celebrate from Michelle Roycroft on Vimeo.

Do you have a party coming up that you’d like to capture on video? Contact me today to talk about a videography package!